Catalogued Works

Catalogued Works explores the realm of artificially generated imagery and at its core, this project serves as an ever-expanding documentation of work with a focus on contemporary photography generated through artificial means. The archive primarily features abstract photographical compositions, still lifes, and celebrates the aesthetics of the banal—a nod to the principles of democratic photography and revolves around the concept of a symbiotic relationship between art and technology. The relationship between art and technology is especially relevant in our age, where the boundary between human and machine-made imagery becomes increasingly blurred.

The project is created by Allan Kristiansen, graphic designer and artist based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Catalogued Works offers a fresh perspective on the conventional notions of contemporary photography, art, and technology where each algorithmically generated image is thoughtfully curated. The project aspires to reshape our understanding of these ideas, providing a lens through which to view the evolving landscape of art in the digital era. Fundamentally, it celebrates the intrinsic beauty found in the convergence of creativity and innovation, while also serving as a vehicle for experimentation of new evolving technologies.

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