"Eudemonia" is a multi-layered project initiated by David Babacar Djité. The project is described as "the search for the Balanced State of mind," which is manifested through the word „Eudemonia“ and thus represents the pursuit of the often-referenced „State of Flow“.

In addition to graphic design and identity work, Samuel Weidmann created animations that capture and convey this quest. The video is based on the idea of the search and the flow, the transformation, intermediate steps, and hints – diverse parts that come together and are split back into individual pieces. The dream-like hints dissipate and generate the overall picture.

For the Latent Walk videos, he used "deep-generative-prior (DGP)". This involves transforming image segments from Dominic Zimmermann's project into floating vectors. Then, image transformations between these segments are generated using a pretrained BigGAN model, PyTorch, TensorFlow, and Python.

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