Paris-based creative agency PP Office has created an identity for Refresh, a contemporary art program curated and directed by Philippe Riss-Schmidt.

Refresh is an experience-oriented and post-digital program that invites digital native artists to present artwork on the topics of the digital world, ecosystems, and the future of the biosphere. The visual communication aims to relate to and be relevant to the particular context of the Paimpol’s Bay area in France, which Refresh’s team is inherently working with.

The image material was generated using machine learning technology from a prior in-situ image database that the team had set up. This database included nearly 2000 images of the bay gathered from different sources. The image-making process follows the credo of Refresh, which seeks out imaginary realms that unite humans, nature, and machines.

Typeface: Sharpixxx by Loup Lopez, Associate Art Director: Etienne Clerc, AI coding: Marcel Mrejen, Motion Design: Nam Borgers, Sound Design: Pablo Galéra

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